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Testimonials for The Monmore Shaving Gel

Second to none

I have tried so many shaving gels and foams in the past, I always get very bad shaving rash but this was certainly not the case with Monmore. Shaving seemed much easier, there was no dragging or discomfort which I would normally feel, the gel washed off my razor with ease and my skin felt soft and refreshed immediately after. Second to none.

***** 5 Stars

Evan from Cork

Fantastic Shaving Gel

The Monmore Shaving Gel is a really fantastic product - I have sensitive skin and more than a couple of days stubble can be painful to remove but not with this shaving gel - it really makes a difference.
Was genuinely surprised how smooth a shave I got with it and now I wouldn't use anything else - skin feels so much better since using this shaving gel.

***** 5 Stars

Gavin from Dublin

An effortless shaving experience

Having tried the Monmore Shaving Gel I think I may be converted to Gel. It glides on effortlessly to the face providing great shaving lubrication and allows you to remove hair, even slightly longer hair with ease and no discomfort leaving a lovely gentle scent behind. Afterwards there is no irritation, even with frequent shaving. It is definitely worth it.

***** 5 Stars

Ciaran from Dublin

We Focus on the Ingredients

All Monmore products are made without Silicones, Parabens, Paraffin, Mineral Oils, DEA and SLS. They have been tested in two independent labs, they are Organic Certified in Italy and are Vegan Friendly and Cruelty Free.

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Mission Accomplished

The dreaded shave, that's how I viewed it and yet I needed to be clean shaven for my job each day so I suffered on with razor bumps and irritation.  The itching post shave would drive me crazy, especially on my neck and was of course a tad embarrassing.  I tried many different types of razors and shaving products and suffered to some degree or other afterwards.  I even spoke to a doctor whose only advice was to shave less often! 

It seemed the only solution was to change job and sport a beard!  After 17 years of working in Dublin I was open to a change in career and a break from the desk job, so I started my research and being Italian I was delighted to discover that the Italian beauty industry is sophisticated and highly developed!  Thus the quest for the best shaving product that would allow for a fearless shave began.

We (my partner and I) moved to Italy for almost 2 years and while working we explored various manufacturers and spoke to many formulators until we found our dream team and my dream product, a shaving gel that allowed for a smooth shave with no irritation. Yes, it happened.  The product was independently tested in 2 labs and certified organic in Italy and we then began the journey of creating a name and sharing our find with as many men as possible.  

I have not suffered any shaving rash or burn since and am now happily back in Dublin, despite the weather!  We now continue to develop products that I enjoy and use on a daily basis.

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