Life for us is about experiences and people. When travelling we like to eat and drink local and travel around as the locals do with total respect for the customs of each place we visit. This has led to so many wonderful experiences, even thinking about it makes us smile and it is always about the people we meet along the way that sticks with us the most. This only fuels our desire to live more and enjoy every moment. Laughter is one of our greatest joys in life and this we thankfully do often.

Monmore was born from a passion, something that drives us forward and inspires us every day. We are passionate about so much and are constantly discussing and debating our next move.

Between us we have visited over 50 countries and have a bucket list of places we still need to explore. Our next adventure starts in January and takes us to Colombia where we will spend 30 glorious days exploring this amazing country which we have dreamt of visiting for so long. We hope to develop a new Colombian inspired product as a result of this trip.

Monmore is an Irish Company named after a townland in Wexford which for us conjures up happy childhood memories of being outdoors all day, every day.

The Monmore journey from inception to present has been one focussed on creating products that men enjoy using and receive benefit from. This journey started in Italy and allowed for many culinary and cultural experiences while we explored the various manufacturers and formulators.

We are committed to creating the best products for men and have started developing a line for women which we hope to launch in Q1 2019. Our Monmore range of Italian made, organic certified, products are designed to enrich the daily grooming experience for men and for women we will introduce some amazing face and eye creams which will be quite a treat. We thrive to create unique combinations of ingredients which are carefully blended to ensure the collective works as one, smell subtle, feel good and leave skin and hair in prime condition.

Check out our Ingredient Focus page to learn more about our ingredients and why they are used in each product. The science is great!

We really enjoy hearing from people, we are delighted with the emails and reviews we have received so far, it motivates us to drive forward with our premium brand for men and soon for women.


Experience It Too!

From The Monmore Team