Male skin: how to shave sensitive skin

A well-groomed male transmits a healthy and orderly look, because often for a man, image and success are closely linked. So shaving blemishes or sensitive skin marks become a problem to be treated daily. Even for a man, the well-being of the skin is fundamental to having an impeccable appearance and shaving (for those who do), more than any other male beauty ritual, is the starting point for it. For sensitive skin, shaving can be a small trauma, so it's important to protect it every day from any aggressive external factors. Cold, wind and high thermal hikes can cause irritation, dryness and redness. Disorders that can still be solved with little attention and some advice.

When you shave, remember to wet the area well with hot water and then use a shaving gel (foam tends to dry the skin too much and soap may change the skin's ph balance) and always use a good razor designed specifically for sensitive skin.

We recommend using our Monmore Organic Shaving Gel with Black Pepper and Aloe Vera for effective results. Its formula was developed by skilled formulators, over several months of R&D, and we successfully tested it on ourselves, last summer, in Italy and Portugal when temperatures reached over 40 degrees Celsius. The beauty of working with a shaving gel is the transparency it provides so you can shave with accuracy and precaution.

Another solution is to shave after having a nice hot shower. The skin, thanks to the steam, will soften, making shaving easier.

In cases of extremely sensitive skin it is recommended to wet a soft, clean cloth using hot water and keep it on the face for a couple of minutes before shaving.

Before shaving, always leave the gel on the skin for about three minutes: this way the hair becomes softer and comes off with just one shave.

Use short and gentle strokes to shave the way your hair grows.  Be aware in which direction it grows across your entire face so as to optimize the shave. Shave the upper lip and mouth area last for this will give the shaving gel time to soften hair for an effortless cut.

Remember to clean the blade thoroughly because all that gunk, stuck between the blades, forces you to apply pressure on the face resulting in cuts, razor bumps, and/or soreness. Rinse off the blades with lukewarm water.

After shaving, it is important to wash the affected area for about one minute with cold water, thus decongesting the shaved part.

Get this routine right and you’ll achieve the desirable smoothness of a close shave. But to achieve such greatness, a man needs the right products stocked in his grooming closet. You might want to add our Monmore Organic After Shave Cream to your virtual cart. Organic products go further and less is needed to produce excellent results. Our aftershave cream contains allantoin, which helps soothe irritated, inflamed and acneic skin. Not only will this ingredient keep skin calm, but it will also promote healing of current breakouts and help prevent further ones.

When doing sports, excessive sweating can crack your skin. So it is important to keep the skin of the face (and also the body) constantly moisturized.