5 Tips for Healthier Hair

We do some things so often that we do not think about it anymore and one of those things is washing our hair.  It truly is a lifelong habit. We pop into the shower, grab the shampoo, rub and rinse.  During our development phase we completed a lot of research and had many discussions about usage, composition, fragrances and so on...

This led us to believe that by applying some techniques to the way we wash our hair along with eliminating certain ingredients can have a big impact and can improve how our hair looks and feels.  

1. Wash your hair less often

When hair is washed every day natural protective oils can be striped away.  It can signal your scalp to start producing more oil, which is counterproductive as your hair can then get greasy faster so it seems logical that you should wash your hair only when you need to, don’t wash it because you feel you must, the optimal time between washes depends on your hair type, your lifestyle and even the weather.

It seems that it is a myth that changing shampoo regularly is good as your hair acclimatizes to a shampoo as our research indicates it is actually easier and better to stick with just one, the right one for your hair type of course!

2. Avoid Sulfates

Sulfates are not particularly good for your hair because they can strip your hair and scalp of its protective oil and leave it dry and susceptible to damage. Sulfates are generally added to shampoo to make them foam more. This is not required to achieve clean hair. The Monmore shampoo's do not contain sulfates.

3. Avoid Silicones

Shampoos that contain silicone will make your hair feel silky and smooth instantly but can end up drying out your hair over time. Silicones can block hair follicles which can impede new hair growth or even cause your hair to fall out. The Monmore shampoo's do not contain silicone.

4. Avoid Hot Water

Hot water is not good for your hair, it will dry out your hair and skin. It opens up your hair cuticles, which allow keratin proteins which are natural moisturizing factors and colour molecules to escape, so hair loses strength and the colour fades.

Also when hair cuticles are opened, hair tends to frizz. Cool or lukewarm water keeps the hair cuticles sealed so hair stays controlled and the colour stays put. 

Always rinse thoroughly. If your scalp is feeling a little itchy or your hair is looking a bit limp post-wash, residual product is probably to blame.

Finish with turning the water to lukewarm or cool to close the cuticles and help lock in the moisture.

5. Be Gentle  

Wet hair tends to be weaker so you should be gentle when washing it.  Think nice head massage, but don’t massage too much or too hard as this can cause damage and breakage too.

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