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Are Monmore Products tested on animals?

All Monmore products are made in Italy. From 11 March 2009, the EU banned the testing on animals, within the EU, of cosmetic ingredients – irrespective of whether there were non-animal alternatives. It had already banned the testing in the EU of cosmetic products. The bans are known as ‘the testing bans’.

From 11 March 2013, the EU completed the ban on the sale of cosmetics animal-tested after that date anywhere in the world. The ban applies to both cosmetics products and ingredients, again irrespective of whether there are alternatives. It is known as the ‘marketing ban’.

What does the Organic Certification mean on the Monmore Products?

In the "organic" cosmetic sector, there is still no world-wide standard reference, which is why some products have unclear characteristics, as well as referring to a generic concept of "natural" cosmetics.

At Italian national level, Biocert Italia, in collaboration with industry leaders and academics and scientists, have initiated a regulatory pathway that has produced the Disciplinary for Organic Cosmetics.

Accordingly, to achieve organic certification the cosmetic product must be manufactured:

  • Respecting a list of prohibited substances
  • Without animal testing 
  • Without the use of genetically modified organisms
  • Without the use of ionizing radiation
  • With the use of certified organic agricultural and zootechnical products

In addition, to carry out a cosmetic certification, all the elements contained therein must be of natural origin and at least one component must come from certified organic farming (document certified)

How long can I use the product after opening?

Each product has the opening symbol on the bottle with a number that indicates how long the product can be used after opening.  The Monmore Products are organic certified and thus artificial additives that would extend shelf life have been avoided.

What is the Shipping Address format on the Package Label?

When you checkout on our website and you have supplied a phone number the Shipping Address will display with your Name followed by your Phone Number then your Address as entered.  Unfortunately we cannot change the format of this display.  When the Shipping Label is printed the format will be different, it will show your name followed by your address and the phone number will be at the end. Entering a phone number is useful for the courier in the event they will need directions or to contact you with any change to the delivery time.  It is an optional field to enter so you can decide if this information is included on your shipping label by entering it or leaving it blank.