Mission Accomplished

The dreaded shave, that's how I viewed it and yet I needed to be clean shaven for my job each day so I suffered on with razor bumps and irritation.  The itching post shave would drive me crazy, especially on my neck and was of course a tad embarrassing.  I tried many different types of razors and shaving products and suffered to some degree or other afterwards.  I even spoke to a doctor whose only advice was to shave less often! 

It seemed the only solution was to change job and sport a beard!  After 17 years of working in Dublin I was open to a change in career and a break from the desk job, so I started my research and being Italian I was happy to discover that the Italian beauty industry is sophisticated and highly developed!  Thus the quest for the best shaving product that would allow for a fearless shave began.

We (my partner and I) moved to Italy for almost 2 years and while working we explored various manufacturers and spoke to many formulators until we found found our dream team and my dream product, a shaving gel that allowed for a smooth shave with no irritation. Yes, it happened.  The product was independently tested in 2 labs and certified organic in Italy and we then began the journey of creating a name and sharing our find with as many men as possible.  

I have not suffered any shaving rash or burn since and am now happily back in Dublin, despite the weather! 

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